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Thomas is an experienced versatile pianist who studied both jazz and classically. He has performed in jazz combos, big bands, and pop-cover bands which encompass a wide variety of musical genres. Through his extensive playing he has developed a large repertoire that can match the needs of any social event.

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Live Sound

As a working musician Thomas has invested in a large amount of equipment and is experienced in running sound for live shows. Equipment features professional speakers supported by a subwoofer giving great balanced low end. Also includes wireless mic easy to use for any events.


Professional equipment capable for small to medium sized venues (300 - 500 people).

Professional Audio​

  • PA System (2 Mackie Thump 15' Speakers)

  • Subwoofer (Mackie Thump 18S)

  • 22 Channel Digital Mixer (Zoom Live Trak L20R)

  • Monster Power Conditioner

Microphones (8 Dynamic | 3 condenser)

  • XSW 1-835 (Wireless)

  • 3 SM58s

  • 3 SM57s

  • EV ND96

  • AKG C214

  • Audio Technica AT2020

  • Beta 52A (Bass Drum)

*All necessary cables and stands included*

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